Rebuttal to "Are We Really All that Bad"

by Walo 

BL Alien has made a valid point in his rebuttal to "The True Meaning of FFII's Finale," but I am not here to stand up for either one. In fact, I am going to point something out that BL failed to notice during the entire game.

BL Alien states in his editorial, "I believe that Sephiroth was insane. I wonder if when Shinra created Sephiroth, they had bothered to insure that he would have a conscious thought of his actions." To be completely honest, I agree that Sephiroth was insane.

However, there was no possible way Sephiroth could have been in control, and I will tell you why. Sephiroth, through the entire game, with the exception of flashback sequences, was stuck in the crater. When Cloud lifted Sephiroth by the sword and through him into the mako below, Sephiroth was gone, only to wash up in the Lifestream at the crater. The thing that the party kept running into was only Jenova.

Explain how Sephiroth, even though incredibly strong, could have carried Jenova around the entire time. Jenova was simply dropping pieces of itself, until the final scene when the team eradicates Jenova in the crater. Sephiroth was just a silent party until the end of the game, where the team confronts him to finish the job.

As a result, there is no possible way that Sephiroth could have control over his actions, because Sephiroth is not the one killing people, but Jenova.

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