Silent, but deadly... characters

by Ender 

As you all know, because of my liking of dragons, I have been playing Breath of Fire 4. In fact, you may want to visit the points of view section because I'm going to try and write my own review now that I've finished it. But there is one thing that annoyed me, and will continue to annoy me for many years to come about RPGs. The hero is silent.

OK, now I realize that there may be several reasons for this. Maybe his views are supposed to represent yours. But when the hell would you agree to an unfair contract, or allowed yourself to be screwed over by an unfair shop keeper. You'd bitch and complain!!! Where's the customazation? If I don't want to do something, let me voice my opinion.

Maybe they're all mute. It may be entirely possible that they are telepathic. Everyone seems to know what they are thinking. That they wanna fight right away. So it may be entirely possible that he is psychic. This may seem absurd. But what about the leader of a gang of ragtag warriors being mute?

What we need are more active main characters. Cloud was great. If you ask me, Squall brought a lot of issues on. Having active main characters makes the plot so much more complex and involving. Many games are acclaimed to be fun to play, and lacking in plot. Maybe if your main character could talk, your plot might pick up a bit.

Maybe it's a bit of charm to have a seemingly mute main character. But it's been a bit of charm that I've never understood. It's a good idea to retain parts of old school RPGs. But every now and then, we need to move on.


Sidenote: "Yes I do believe Jim Ryan will eventually start attacking all forms of games. Not just action, adventure and fps's. It'll happen. That's why I'm stockpiling games."

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