Final Fantasy 7: The Ending and its Cultural Influence

by Brian Tazbir 

This is another idiotic theory behind the controversial ending to FF7. Iām sure everyone is sick of hearing about this, but seeing that it is my favorite game of all time I still like talking about it.

Iām taking this theory in a different direction due to the fact that I will be relating it to a certain Japanese Culture, this culture is known as Shinto ćway of the godsä This religious belief plays a vital role in both FF3(Japanese version) and FF7. Iāll shall show you how they compare, Now as any Final Fantasy fan knows Holy is the powerful white magic that has the power to destroy everything that is evil. To stop Sephirothās vial plans Aeris attempts to summon Holy but she is unable to do so because of a sudden back pain that results in death. The ancients knew a little secret about Holy and what effect it would have on humans that was never revealed.

Mankind is viewed as Evil in Final Fantasy 7 as it is in the Shinto religion. So if you put 2 and 2 together it means that once Holy is summoned say bye-bye to every Human on the planet. So why would Aeris do this? because she hated everyone she knew and with good reason! No the truth is, she didnāt know the actual affect of Holy, seeing that she did not know the truth about her past until recently. One man did hint at the power of Holy and that was Bugenhagen. When he finds out that Holy is being summoned he wonders where that will leave the human race. (Little does he know were soon to find out!)

As you all know our Hero, Cloud stops Sephiroth but is unable to stop the Meteor that is coming towards earth. As they leave the cave our Heroās look on to see the Meteor heading towards Midgar. This is when Holy appears and begins itās attempt to overpower Meteor (which fails miserably) the only way now for the planet to be saved is through the life stream. The planetās strength is gathered and through the life stream Holy overpowers the Meteor and is able to stop itās decent. The end result... Holy saves the planet but wipes out the human race.

So how does this tie into the Shinto religion? Well hereās how! The Shinto religion finds that the most beautiful thing about a planet is the planet itself. The cataclysm known as the human race fails to preserve this beauty and therefore must be stopped. Thus through the idea known as the life stream humans are killed so that life can start over. (Itās like a form of recycling) in hopes that the next race can surpass the first and maintain stability on the planet. This so called ćsuperiorä race IS in FF7 through the race known as the Ancients but thatās a whole other story. The aspect of the earth playing a major role in Final Fantasy 7 along with these other ideas clearly shows the influence the Shinto religion had on this game.

We go ahead 500 years and you see RedXIII running with his cubs close behind. They are over looking what was known as Midgar which is now nothing but a momento. Granted the people living there disliked the Mako reactors but would they abandon the entire city because of it? I think not. Now everybody says well what about the kids laughing!? Donāt take that to the heart, The Japanese have a fetish with putting the laughter of children at the end of many videogames and anime. OR this could be seen as the next race which has spawned and is now living there. Now the next controversial aspect the theme of Final Fantasy 7 which is Life. As I have pointed out many times Mankind is used to create life as is seen throughout the game. When mankind perishes new life is created through the life stream to make the hopes of a Utopia a reality. So it clearly points out the theme of Life and covers all aspects of it. Oh and by the way doesnāt every ćLifeä come to an end?

Well I think I shall end my preaching now with this. Believe whatever you want about the ending to Final Fantasy 7 but from what I have seen all the evidence that I have found clearly points to the end of mankind. I mean after all, the human race is evil is it not?

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