Are We Really All that Bad (FF7 and Baldur's Gate spoilers)?

by BL Alien 

You have a very good point there, Thomas, but there's one thing that doesn't make sense.

Unless there's some secret underground thing going on in the world of Final Fantasy, I don't believe that the majority of humans were evil. When an RPG story gets a little confusing, which happened to me a lot in FF7, I like to organize all of the events in my head. I formed three parties; the first of which was the protagonists, which includes Cloud, Tifa, and the like. The second party was the semi-antagonists. This party basically included Shinra and all of its employees. The third party consisted of Sephiroth, Jenova, and all of those monsters the protagonists fought.

Shinra, while not being the true villians, are whom I believe to be the true evil. They wanted to destroy the Planet that had given them life for one purpose: money. The way economy works is that money is only as valuable as the people who use it. Had Shinra succeeded in destroying the world, the people would slowly die, and their money would be useless. Therefore, Shinra must have been working under the influence of pure evil - the sense of accomplishment caused by destruction. This seems to be common in RPG villians. For example, Sarevok's goal in life was nothing more than to cause the death of people, only so he could earn the title of the ultimate murderer. He wanted to destoy a product of nature - the same nature which had created and raised him. It's these people that Mother Nature would want to destroy, not the people who only wished to die quietly in Mideel, earn an honest living in Corel, or have fun in the Gold Saucer.

I believe that Sephiroth was insane. I wonder if when Shinra created Sephiroth, they had bothered to insure that he would have a conscious thought of his actions. HIs goal was to bring on the destruction of the Planet for another purpose: power. However, Nature did not create Sephiroth - Shinra did. Perhaps Sephiroth had a grudge against the Planet because he couldn't be a part of it, and he wasn't capable of controlling anger. If you can't join 'em, destroy 'em. Nature, however, did not destroy the villian; Cloud did. Instead, the Planet sent the Life Stream to repair Midgar and let the innocent people live, since those people had no intention of sucking out the Mako energy and destroying the Planet. Therefore, I find it unlikely that Holy and the Life Stream would save the people, and then destroy them.

I have a different theory. I believe that while Shinra had evil intentions, they had helped the city of Midgar by keeping it held together. WIthout Shinra, the economy failed, and the already poor people became even poorer. The lack of an econmy eventually destroyed the metropolis, and the people left to find a more civilized city, such as Kalm, which was close by. I don't believe that Holy would destroy the people, because they were beneficial to the planet: they fueled the Life Stream. It is their souls that would repair the Planet after a natural disaster, such as being hit by a normal meteor, not that one that Sephiroth summoned. The humans helped to make the Planet thrive, and the Planet was ever-grateful.

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