Guidelines for Submission

Proofread - It really doesn't take that long to read through your editorial before you send it in, so please do so. It will save you from looking stupid and me from having to fix things. Even if you think your grammar is impeccable, you might find something that you would like to reword or logic to correct. Please take the extra time to read over it at least once.

Provide Info - When submitting an editorial, please make sure to include a title, the name you want listed on the editorial, and the email address you want linked to it.

Stay on Topic - I try to be very lenient in the topics that are allowed in the editorials section. Just make sure that your subject is at least somewhat focused on RPGs or an aspect of the gaming industry that can in some way influence RPGs. An editorial on Halo 3's multiplayer maps is not a good topic for RPGamer's editorial section.

Be Civil - If you disagree with an editorial and are rebutting a topic, please don't resort to name calling or personal attacks. Yes, the writer might be completely wrong, but don't call them an idiot. You can let the facts do that for you.

Watch the Language - I know it's easy to just let things fly and start cussing like a sailor (sorry sailors, but you do cuss a lot), but just try to watch it. I reserve the right to edit out any @*^#ing thing you say that you shouldn't.

Submission Format - I'm really not picky about how editorials are submitted. Just email me with a plain text attachment or an HTML file attached. You could even hand-write it and send it via carrier pigeon, though that might take a little longer. Honestly, the easiest thing for me is to submit your editorial as a plain text file. Word can add smart text, so just use Notepad, though I can edit out smart text easily enough. If you submit it in HTML, it saves me a little time, but I double check those anyways, so text works best for me. Just don't forget the title and please include [Editorials] in the subject.

Think of the Readers - You aren't submitting these just for me to read or just to see your name on a web page, you are submitting an editorial for other readers. Try to think of topics that would be enjoyable for all, not just you. Be creative, be original, and don't be afraid to try something new. It will likely work out better than just the same mundane style. Take care not to stray too far out, because you might lose people, but take a chance every now and then.

Spoilers - Please watch spoilers. If a game has just come out within the last 90 days, just avoid spoilers all the way around or it will not be posted. And please, if you send me an editorial with spoilers that is unmarked, I will be very sad.

Ask for Help - If you need help, just ask. Feel free to email me at Please remember to add the word [Editorials] in somewhere or it will be deleted along with all of the other spam that comes through. You can also ask any questions you might have on the message board, but you are more likely to get a direct answer via email.

As Captain Barbosa said, just remember that these are "more like guidelines than actual rules."

Updated: 10/01/2007

By: Michael "Macstorm" Cunningham

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