The Seven Days of Editorials
December 27, 2004

U P D A T E D   A R T I C L E S


The Act of Deicide!
   by Drew Robarge
Editor's Comments: Drew hungers for the blood of gods and calls out to his fellow god killers! Come and read a defense of the immortal opponent.
· Rebuttal to: If God Didn't Exist, Why Do We Have to Create Him?

Narration: The Technique That Voice Acting Gave
   by Drew Robarge
Editor's Comments: Greetings friends. Stay a while and listen. Today we have a fine tale about the strength narration can lend to the telling of a tale.

What I Want to See in a(n) RPG Part 3
   by Gregg Campbell
Editor's Comments: Digging deeping into the ancient tombs of Editorials, Gregg brings forth an ancient artifact of times long passed, continuing the rant on things folks would like to see in an RPG.

Life Improvement: Role-Playing Games Influencing Every Aspect of Life
   by Danny J Sarelas
Editor's Comments: Danny brings us a rather long scholastic paper detailing many of benefits and dangers of gaming from an academic perspective.

True Nonlinear Gaming: The Problem
   by Gabriel Ang
Editor's Comments: Gabriel expands the issue, moving into part two of his dissertation on the problem of True Nonlinear Gaming.

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Editor's Comments

   We've been a bit slow this last week and probably will slow further this next week. Still have a full set for you guys, thanks to a bunch of good writers chipping in. I apologize for those who weren't notified that their editorial was received this week, I've been really slow with all the festivities and all. I hope you can understand. I also apologize for Editorials Hour getting postponed this past week. I figured folks would be busy with holidays and all. It'll be on again next week at the usual wednesday interval. Enjoy this week's editorials.

   There's a hiring notice up currently on the site for another Editorialist on the staff. I know I've mentioned it a few times here, but I've yet to really get much (anything, is anybody out there?) back on that and we could really use the help. This section has been kind of stagnant for a while and I really want to see that changed. Several folks have pitched in so far and I really appreciate the help, but we can still use the extra pair of hands, so if you're interested, check it out.

   Happy Holidays.


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