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Give it... TO ME! December 26, 2005

Editor's Comments:What's in a score? Does it mean nothing more than how well-built a game is, how much fun the reviewer had with it, or a mediocre movie featuring Robert DeNiro? Trick question; there are no mediocre movies featuring Robert DeNiro.

Editor's Comments:Here's something I ponder; is it easier for a guy to play a girl than for a girl to play a guy? I ask because that's what this editorial talks about... sorta. How well are we represented in-game? How well should we be?

Editor's Comments:We can't tell a whole lot about a game at a glance, can we? Sometimes it's enough, sometimes... not so much. Angel offers up her defense of the oft-maligned Final Fantasy XII demo.

Editor's Words

Merry Christmas, y'all! I hope you bought all your Merch merchandise like good little boys and girls! You know what happens if you don't!

Newcomer Daniel Hill brings us a question on whether or not Mute RPG Guy #36 is truly meant to be us in the game, or whether we're just meant to appreciate the role that Mute RPG Guy #36 brings to the table in his epic struggle against Angsty RPG Villain #28, and nail Well-Stacked RPG Healer Woman #3,092. I bring my own tale to the table, raising the question of numbers and subjectivity in regards to reviews; sometimes, it's best not to review one's own work at 3 in the morning when you're feeling particularly philosophical after mowing down a hundred Orks with a couple squads of Space Marines. In a related story, Dawn of War is godlike. Lastly, Angel joins us with a polite little plea, which can neatly be summed up in the title; a game, as they say, is not its demo. Whether that holds true remains to be seen, but the points she raises merit at least some discussion, if for no other reason than the demo seems to be rubbing a lot of people the wrong way.

A few remarks that bear repeating: please, please, please submit your editorials as plain text or HTML (via the template). If possible, avoid sending them in the body of the email itself; attach the file to the email and send it in. And I must insist that you avoid MS Word like the god-for-damned plague. It's fine for term papers, but in matters HTML, Word is a headache of epic proportions; the kind of beast usually reserved for fantasy tales, that can only be slain by the bravest knight in the lands, his halfwit squire, and a legion of armored meat shields. The kind of beast that would bring Superman, Godzilla, and Burt Reynolds to their collective knees at the merest mention of their name. It's that bad.

Anyhoo, I'm off to continue my life-or-death struggle with Wisconsin. Have a good one, y'all, and remember: Give it... TO ME!


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