Editorials for December 5th, 2001.

Good readers and writers,

My name is Seán Peters, and I come to you bearing news. Mistress Nightshadow, in the face of a busy schedule and personal life, has chosen to retire as head of this section, and I have been chosen as her humble replacement.

If you've been coming to this section recently, my name might not seem all that unfamiliar to you. I've been contributing to this section for a fair amount of time, and have been reading it since near its inception. For any who may have fears that this section was transferred into less-than-capable hands, I assure you that I have sufficient credentials. This past summer, I served as one of five copy editors for Dragon Warrior VII, and either edited or rewrote about a quarter of the in-game dialogue. Unfortunately, the final version had a few more textual errors than I would have liked, but I take solace in the fact that those were not the fault of myself or my team.

Anyhow, that's who I am. Please, introduce yourselves to me in the form of editorials. Any submissions you may have are to be addressed to If you have any personal questions for me, I can be reached at I look forward to hearing from you.

For all those who have recently submitted editorials, don't worry, I have received them, and will reply shortly. I would ask anyone that wishes to submit to take another look at the rules for submission, as they have changed slightly, and also to download the slightly modified template. Thanks, and happy writing.

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