The Hidden Truth
November 10, 2003

The Mark of tuinte U P D A T E D    A R T I C L E S


Goethe, Robert Browning, and the brothers Squeenix?
by TitoPaul

PART OF THE BEAST of the single-player roleplaying game is, well, only one person is playing. Perhaps when you power down the system, the gamizens awaken from their trances and lead normal lives, proving that they do not need you to exist. But once that game is loaded, you become the sun in this heliocentric world, exposing every explorable crevice as you root out evil. Yes you, and only you, will ultimately triumph (forgetting for a moment that this scenario will play itself out with countless other gamers at the helm), but is there also not a price for your actions paid by each and every NPC? MORE >>>

Classic Editorial - February 2000

The Importance of Playing RPGs
   by Josh Maciel
"The fact is that there is nothing "important" persey in playing RPGs, but there are several reasons that I, as an individual, do play them. Those are the things which I want to talk about. I'm trying to get down to the very basis of why I play RPGs, perhaps to give ideas to all of you to explain your penchant for these enigmatic games."

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Editor's Comments

   Well here I am, back from the sunny islands of Hawaii to the freezing mountains of Utah. I'd like to thank Cortney for covering for me last week and all of our readers for sending her plenty of articles.

   This week we retrun with a single reader editorial by TitoPaul. He's presented us with a very original discussion, and for that he gets featured reader status for the week. We've also got a look back on the column with a classic editorial by past-columnist Josh Maciel. It's aged well and is still applicable today.

   From this day forward we will be employing a new template for all newly submitted editorials. I'd like to thank Michael Harnest (tuinte) for setting this fancy new template up for us; he's done more for this column design-wise than anyone else.

   And that's it for this week. Be sure to return next week for another batch of exciting editorials.


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