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November 3, 2003

The Mark of tuinte U P D A T E D    A R T I C L E S


Remaking Games - Bringing Back the Best
   by Matthew Knight
"I am afraid that I am strongly against Jean Burtless's opinion on remaking games. Yes, great games are better left untouched, but if the best can become better, it will show the gaming industry what's up. I feel that these new games are great, but always seem to lack something their predecessors had."
· Rebuttal to: Remaking Games

Rebuttal to Remaking Games
   by Draygone
"Some time ago, I had the same opinion that Jean has about remakes. When Mario All-Stars was released for the SNES, for example, I wished that the games had their original look and sound. Lately, though, my opinion somehow changed, and I started to like how games were given new looks, and wished that some games were updated some when they weren't."
· Rebuttal to: Remaking Games

Classic Editorial - September 2001

The Planet of the EscApeists
   by TSG
"People often describe that they remember coming out of their womb as emerging to a bright, white light. Well, they're nearly correct, but not quite. You see, they're actually staring at the Now Loading screen. It's the same sort of thing as those people who've had near death experiences see, only their Now Loading is from their last save game."

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Editor's Comments

   This week, we fell short of our three-editorial goal, so I posted a classic editorial to complete the update. Both Draygone and Matthew Knight decided to rebutt Jean Burtless's editorial on remaking games.

   Joseph will be updating next week. Send all your editorials his way!


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