The Celery Stalks At Midnight
October 27, 2003

The Mark of tuinte U P D A T E D    A R T I C L E S


Rumors: See How They Grow!
   by Cortney Stone
"Rumors are like weeds. One will spring up in a random location, and before you know it, there are dozens or even hundreds of them everywhere. They choke out what is good and acceptable by hogging resources to themselves. "

Remaking Games
   by Jean Burtless (Jbumi)
"What if Leonardo DaVinci were alive today & decided that the Mona Lisa would look much better if he did the artwork on his Mac & just tossed that old canvas & oil paint copy in the garbage? If I'm going to play an older game, I want to play it the way it was originally developed. Minus any real bugs that should have been fixed the first time."

No FFVII Piano for You!
   by Andrew B.
"Video game music, the form of media which is very much sought after by many RPG enthusiasts. Fans of classical music won't recognize anyone from this group of talented composers, yet rabid gaming fans will applaud their efforts, going out of their way to part their hard-working cash to achieve their CDs. But there will always be one CD which has never been pumped out to my huge dismay."

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Editor's Comments

   No classic editorial this week, as we made it to three submissions due to my own little piece of work about the problem of rumors. Be sure to check out Jean Burtless's editorial on remakes and Andrew B.'s commentary on Final Fantasy piano collections. Oh, and feel free to try to guess the origin of the title of this week's update by posting on the message board.

   Since Joseph will be out of town, I will update next week as well. Send me your editorials!


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