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October 20, 2003

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Drama vs. Freedom
   by Metacod
"Our lives—or at least those of most of us—are extremely boring. Days, even weeks pass by without a single emotionally powerful event. The few of us who do have roller-coaster lives probably wish they could experience that drama through entertainment instead, where nothing has real-world consequences. The reason why our day-to-day existence is so uninteresting is simple: freedom. Events occur as the result of countless separate wills, each struggling towards a different goal without a clear understanding of the territory they'll have to cross to get there."

Classic Editorial - March 2000

The Video Games as Art Theorem
   by Michael Harnest (tuinte)
"Perhaps the greatest hindrance in seeing video games as a form of art is the ineptitude in most people to see video games as simply another medium for telling a story. People think of art, and inclusively stories, as an expression of ideals or beliefs climaxing at a singular cathartic moment. They see the purpose of a video game to navigate passed obstacles and conquer the next level. The point of tangency is that the characters in a video game are never without motives; there is always an ambition. Given that video games are another form of storytelling, is it not possible then, that they are able to contain common literary devices such as symbolism and allusion?"

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Editor's Comments

   As the drought of editorials continues yet another week, we have come to a solution! Given the vastness of RPGamer's editorials archive, with thousands of articles spanning across six years of discussion, we will now be posting classic editorials on slow days like these. For an update to qualify as a classic editorial week, there must be less than three new submissions.

   As for new material, Metacod has submitted an interesting article about freedom in video games. It's a well thought-out look at one drawback of non-linearity. Our classic editorial this week is by one of the column's most prolific writers, Michael Harnest, aka tuinte. His article looks at games as an art form, and why they should be accepted as such. It's a prime example of some of the great material this column has produced over the years.

   I'll be out of town two weeks from now, so Cortney's on double duty for the next two updates. Have a happy Halloween, and be sure to tune in every Monday for a dose of editorial goodness.


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