Editorials for October 20th, 2000

Okay....finally fixed. Sorry for the late update, all. After my holiday, I really needed to take some time to myself and make a few decisions that will more or less determine my future for the next five years. With those decisions all but final, I can get back into the groove of Editorials. :)

Before going straight to the editorials, I'd like to quickly go through some things. First of all, two updates from now, will be an update of purely NEW writers. If you're a reader, and haven't written an editorial that has been accepted before, this is your chance to get your voice heard! Write write write! Second of all, I understand how some people were wondering what was going on with this section (with the lack of updates). A few people even emailed me asking. The answer is: between the personal things I needed to iron out, my email is acting up. I have no problem receiving mail...I just can't send out. Joys. Anyway, the update is small, but it's good reading. Materials please! :)

I should have some surprises next update (I hope). But for now, let's just get to the writers' work, right? :D

Note: I'm starting to get dismayed by the lack of editorials coming in. I just really hope they pick up soon. Pick up your pen (or keyboard), and write!....please?

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Did you really think this was going to be a reoccuring thing? Doh.