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Insubstantial! October 17, 2005

Editor's Comments:Our single new ed for the day. The esteemed Mr. Ang (what a cool name!) has a few things to say about established RPG cliches - and before you ask, yes, they're from The List. Part one of... well, more than one, apparently.

Editor's Comments:Our foreign correspondent Sharif brings us a perspective from a world away - New Jersey. Tell us your story, friend. Share your wisdom with the rest of us!

Editor's Comments:I don't know what I'm doing here this doesn't make any sense WHY AM I STILL HERE OH JESUS when will the hurting stop - oooh, pie! Mmm... pumpkin pie, too! All right, carry on then!

Editor's Comments:I can't remember what the song was, who sings it, or how the lyrics go; I can only remember it came out in the 80's, uhhh... and, the video I think had some moron in a pith helmet running around the desert. It's really quite vexing.

Editor's Words

Blarg. Just... just blarg.

Once again, we're left with just one new editorial this week. Everything else is nothing you haven't seen before - either here, or elsewhere. They're still good, though. As for the new one, Gabe Ang takes a shot at some rather well-known (in fact, listed) RPG cliches, and the results are worth a look. Gabe, my thanks, brother.

We're officially on life support, folks. Frankly, I feel superfluous at this point. My friends, I like working here as much as the next guy, maybe a little more so, but you gotta gimme something to do here. C'mon, make some noise! Tell me how much you hate new games! Tell me why you're the one person on earth who enjoyed Alundra 2 (I did, you heartless fiends!) Tell me what in god's name they were thinking when they had Greedo shoot first! Dammit, that's why we're here!

Editorials Hour this Wedenesday at #edscorner, 9pm EST, 8 Central and 6 Pacific. The FAQ, as usual, can be found here. Bear in mind not everybody who shows up has to participate, in fact it's a good idea to have some spectators in addition to writers, so don't be shy! We're a fun crowd! We'll roast marshmallows and sing songs, and if you're extra nice we'll raid the reviews channel and steal their precious gold! And then, perhaps, I can finally buy myself something nice. Or perhaps I can go do something I've always wanted to do.

My friends, my foes, and everybody in between... I bid you adieu. Take it easy, have fun, try not to suffer through this week, and don't get Hassan'd. Ta-ta!


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