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Know Thine NME October 3, 2005

Editor's Comments:Carmine makes his case; do we cover it, or not? That, dear readers, is a decision best not left to me. Because I'm not good at handling delegated authority, it stresses me out.

Editor's Comments:Something about some girl from Animal Crossing, I don't know. Seriously, I'm not good with command decisions. Last time I tried to lead, I woke up in Reno carrying a cooler filled with my own blood.

Editor's Comments:Carmine continues talking about Animal Crossing. It won an award, apparently. But to get back to my story, I had to shoot my way to the state line. Wouldn't have made it, if not for the timely intervention of Gary Busey.

Editor's Comments:The Redman takes us home, talking about multi-player aspects and such. So anyway, Busey got me home in time for the Kojak marathon. I paid him with the blood, which he seemed to appreciate. The moral of the story is that orange juice is good for you.

Editor's Words

At long last, we have life! And of a most unusual sort, to boot!

The good Carmine M. Red, famed contest winner and self-described Huguenot, has graced us with his presence, and with not one, but four editorials, all of which were a byproduct of last week's brainstorming session. Mysteriously, they all seem to be about Animal Crossing, a topic Mr. Red feels very strongly about. We received a few other submissions, which will be going up next week, so we're not quite dead yet! Speaking of which, eds hour this week. The day: Wednesday. The time: 8pm EST. The place: #edscorner. The info: here.

I'm going to break up the format here a little, I need to pose a few questions to the audience here. You ever get that feeling that that feeling you got is lasting way longer than it should have? I mean, I know everybody feels like life is passing them by at some point in their lives, but is that supposed to be a persisting thing? Also, should I be worried when a fortune cookie tells me that I "will have no need for money"? C'mon, fortune cookie, help a brother out here! As an aside, fifteen dollars worth of Chinese food goes a long freakin' way. Additionally, I had a dream one time where I had to explain my catgirl fixation in front of Congress. That would've been a fun day to work for C-SPAN, I think.

In conclusion: Rise of the Triad did not get the recognition it was due. Discuss!


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