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Malaise September 26, 2005

Editor's Comments:kweee is a man with good ideas. A man with vision. A man with the $50 bribe quality editorials I need. Sing us a song, pianoman.

Editor's Comments:Mr. Hill brings up something worth considering, even now in the distant future that is the year 2005. What do MMOers want in a game? Hey, I was sold on the catgirls, we can start with that.

Editor's Comments:So you wanna be an art form, huh? In the words of Gene Hackman in an otherwise forgettable movie he was nonetheless awesome in, you better think about that.

Editor's Comments:Mr. Henninger brings up the old-timey fun that is the oft-praised/disputed golden era of RPGs. I don't have anything in particular to add, so I'm going to say that The Verve Pipe would totally beat The Verve in a fight.

Editor's Words

So this is what it's like to be out of gas.

That's it, folks. My good friend kweee's editorial is the only new one this time around, and he's got a few things to say about what our RPGs could be. That kite-flying one sounded pretty boss, I say. In addition, I dug up three other eds from the archives: Doug Hill's discourse on regular and MMORPGers; Chris Politz's ponderance on a 'what if' pertaining to the bad guys; and Michael Henninger's history of an era of RPGs a lot of us remember fondly, for various reasons.

I would like to not do an update solely of classic eds, and I don't want to miss one either, as I've been told They will harvest my brain for the good of the community. So, I respectfully inqure that all available would-be opiners (that's a word, right?) get down with their bad selves and churn out a good editorial or two, or four. Four's a nice, small, even number, and that seems to be a theme here. C'mon folks, I'd like to keep my brain. That's where I remember all my stuff, like which key opens my car door, or which five-grand-or-less-mobile is my car, or which folder on my computer hides the pr0n important documents. I like remembering that stuff.

Now, we won't be having Eds Hour officially, since that's a biweekly thing, but I wouldn't mind having a bit of a rap session with any of youse actively interested in writing. So here's what we're gonna do: I'll be in IRC at 8pm this Wednesday, at #edscorner. Anybody interested, you drop by and one of two things happens: either you pitch an idea you have in your head, I help you refine it, and you send it in whenever you bloody well please; or you show up all eager to write, I think up something for you to write, we refine the topic and go from there. No hour limit, no obligation to produce on the spot, just a simple discussion on potential editorials topics. I know that all of you haven't suddenly gone into peaceful coexistence with each other on me. That would seriously bum me out. >.>

In conclusion: go forth, my minions! Conquer the Internets!


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