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A Place Called Home September 23, 2009
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Then and Now Mike Moehnke

Editorial Excerpt:

"Time to take a little bit of a trip down memory lane..."

The "What If" Factor Sam Marchello

Editorial Excerpt:

"In a lot of literature, many authors create a 'what if' scenario."

From the Editor's Desk

Today marks a special day for me here at RPGamer. This date last year was my official hiring date, meaning I've been here writing editorials for over one year. Honestly, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to stick this gig out, but considering how wonderful the staff and the readers are, it seemed like a good idea to stick around. I had my own reasons for joining the site a year ago, I just over stepped what I was attempting to accomplish. RPGamer has become like a second home for me, so celebration is in order! What kind of celebration? I don't know. Maybe I can get Macstorm to serenade me with songs from Doctor Horrible or get 7th Circle and Omegabyte to do a silly dance for me.

Anyways, enough silliness from me. Thanks to all the reader e-mails I've received, I had many suggestions to play Brave Story: New Traveler, and I have to say it's a sweet little game. You'll likely see an editorial about it from me in the near future. I also started playing Vanguard Bandits which is a really bizarre but fun game. I've also put in more time playing Ar Tonelico with Firemyst, and we're more than half way through Phase 2.

Editorials this week come from the dashing JuMeSyn, and from me, staff babe. Well... staff babe is debatable since I told Neist he could also be staff babe. JuMeSyn talks about the then and now of Sega, while I discuss the 'what if' factor that I think RPGs need to play with more. It's sort of an extension of an editorial I wrote back when I was just a fan editorialist.

Here's to another year of insanity! See you all next week!

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