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Is This Rawr? September 19, 2005

Editor's Comments:I really like Snyder's eds. You know why? Because the titles are amazingly accurate. What constitutes an RPG? A question perhaps with no definitive answer, or at least none we can all agree on.

Editor's Comments:Ah, the gaming rag. A priceless staple of our history and heritage, gone by the wayside once the internets started delivering the info for free. Carmine's got a tale to tell about one of his favorites.

Editor's Comments:Ahh, the love! The LOVE! Can you feel it? No? Well, that's a shame, because it makes a lot of games that much more better.

Editor's Comments:I vanted ORANGE! It gave me lemon-lime! It's the maintenance man, he knows I like orange! Yes, they do it on purpose!

Editor's Words

"What is RPG love?" asks Deus Ex to Nintendo Power. And Nintendo Power replies, "Love is never having to say 'I'm sorry I paid money for you.'"

A wee bit staff-heavy this time, but that's okay, because the topics are worth talking about. Snyderman wants to bring up that old familiar, the question of what an RPG is and is not. Hehe, good luck brother. Carmine takes us out for a spin through his childhood, and - in a way - ours too. And afterwards they're too drunk to drive, so I take us home with an ed about Deus Ex, and another about love. All while bobbing my head to a certain Haddaway song. You know you would too.

Other news of note: Eds Hour coming up this week. Wednesday at 9pm Eastern, 8 central, 6 pacific. No Space Marines this time, they got all out of hand. I don't know what the problem was. So I invited a few Chaos Space Marines to join the party. They were bringing the keg! I couldn't say no, what do you want me to do? Geez... ahem. Anyway, consult the IRC FAQ if you'd like to get in but the concept of IRC scares you to the core, like it does me. Or just write me and ask, I'll walk ya through it. It's fun! Trust me, you'll love it.

Seriously folks, the submission well is bone-dry. We are officially running on fumes; I repeat, we have no backlog. You gotta send some of that stuff in; last week's thread topped a hundred posts, I would like nothing more than to see some of those posts converted into something we can immortalize here on the web. I know some of you want to. And some of you know I want you to. And I know that some of you know that I know that some of you want to know that I know. And if you can follow that, you're smarter than me. The point is, let's see those editorials! Take your argument inside for once!

Last piece of note; still haven't gotten addresses from two of our contest winners. This is the last time I'll ask, and then that's it. Fellas, don't make me get rough here. You're gonna force my hand here, and I'm gonna have to send forth my legion of catgirls. You don't want that any more than I do.

You seriously don't. I really, really, really want that. ^^


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