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Streets of Fire September 16, 2009
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Is It Long Enough? Mike Moehnke

Editorial Excerpt:

"In the world of RPGs, length can be an intimidating statistic. Few games in the genre can be finished in a day, and the time commitment required for some of them (Persona 3 and 4 come to mind) is intimidating."

Temperance Gabriel Ang

Editorial Excerpt:

"Everyone has the right to be emotional. There will always be times where some event, from the everyday to the life-changing, that stokes the embers in our hearts and elicits any and every manner of emotion conceivable. From love to hate, peace to anger, kindness to apathy, every human being is a mixing pot of emotions ready to erupt at any given moment."

Devil Gabriel Ang

Editorial Excerpt:

"Shame and Desire. Some people don't know it, but these two feelings have many things in common. They both elicit the basest and near-primitive actions from each of us. They are both something we hide under the guise of our own personal morals. They both push us to edges of socially accepted norms and beliefs, conflicting with society at large."

From the Editor's Desk

I have to outright apologize to J.J Abrams' version of Star Trek after refusing to see it, due to my dislike of Zachary Quinto as an actor. Considering how dreadful I thought he was on Heroes, and the fact that he looks like he could murder me in my sleep, I was skeptical of him playing Spock. Now after seeing Star Trek, I have to respectfully take that back because he did a fantastic portrayal of Spock, to the point where I was rooting for him a lot. I must say, I became quite a fan.

I haven't been gaming as much as I normally do as of late. I did polish off Jeanne D'Arc, and now I've been debating on what to play on my PSP. Do I wait for Persona PSP next week? Or do I play something else in my collection. I currently have Brave Story, Star Ocean: First Departure and Riviera which still need to be played. Or, dear readers, should I go back and give my DS some good lovin'? What are your thoughts?

I have three editorials this week! Gabriel Ang returns after a small hiatus to bring all you wonderful readers more of his fantastic tarot editorials. Chiming in afterward is our very own JuMeSyn, who discusses length in RPGs and when enough is enough.

That concludes this week's editorials. Now back to finding something to play.

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