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Man, what? August 22, 2005

Editor's Comments:Ah, the random battle. Been there since the dawn of time. A staple of RPGs everywhere. But can we do better? Or can we only do different?

Editor's Comments:What's in a name? Power, m'boy, lots and lots of power. Or nothing at all. Yeah, usually that. But sometimes power. See what a name can do for a game!

Editor's Comments:Two-faced, or merely complex? The answer, as with any question worth answering, invariably lies somewhere in between.

Editor's Comments:Why save the world, anyway? It's all about the benjamins, yo. And the hot blue-haired girl following the hero, she seems to dig that sort of thing.

Editor's Words

I can honestly say I didn't see any of this coming.

For those of you just getting here, I'm moving up in the world. Taking over as head Eds guy for the Dracos-man, until they find someone better or I die after a life-and-death struggle with Wisconsin. The contest goes on as planned - we are no longer accepting submissions - but I apologize in advance for any ugliness or confusion or whatever. I mean it when I say I didn't see this coming. <.< >.>

In any case, a bit staff-heavy this time, but that's okay. Mr. Willis wants to talk about random encounters, my good friend Diana has a few words on the power of known game directors, the good Mr. Bloom has some parting words about Breath of Fire III's antagonist, and our man Ian throws out his two cents on the whole 'saving the world' shebang.

Well folks, wish I had something witty or clever or funny to end on, but at the moment I think a simple "wish me luck" will have to do. ^^


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