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I Am Impact! August 15, 2005

Editor's Comments:Snyder delivers an absolutely rocking editorial on some of the little annoying tweaks that have been allowed to stand far too long.

Editor's Comments:Carmine rings in again with a very nice editorial on the various paths of heroism less traveled in RPGs.

Editor's Comments:Conrad thinks the new games are pretty fun.

Editor's Comments:Just read it. It is that awesome. It even deserves a smiley "=)".

Classic Editorial
Classic Editorial

Editor's Words

There's only two one weeks left in the contest. No entries last week for it. This is your last chance to grab one of those neat figurines for yourself and gloat over your fellow writers. Come on!

This week's title comes from Mystic Ninja, a game entirely bereft of Editorial goodness. Despite the power of its smoking pipe, coin throwing, and ninja action, it has never seen an editorial written as I understand it. Friends, Comrades, Random People on the Internet, it is up to you to fix this. For if you do not coin throw, then only setzer can show you the way.

We've got another editorials hour coming up this week, so drop by the channel and hang on out with the crew this Wednesday, 9 PM EST at As always, we got our FAQ and Java Client to help folks get there. See all of you this wednesday.


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