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Fire Alarm August 13, 2007

Editorial Excerpt: "What's up, my mage? You still casting? Don't forget to equip your aegis in case you need to egress!"

Editorial Excerpt: "And thus we come to the new era of advertising, wherein players will be gifted the ability to see things intended to get them buying other things while playing a game."

Editorial Excerpt: "More and more, it seems as if RPG characters are being marketed like movie stars."

Editorial Excerpt: It would ruin it to post any, so just read it. Rebuttals are welcomed.

Editor's Words

I'm not going to complain. Drew "Hobbes Lionheart" Robarge stepped up and answered my cry for help. And for that, I am thankful. Sadly, things are still looking a little lonely around here. I would hate for you to have to read more of my crappy editorials, but that's what it's going to come to. *starts writing* Don't say I didn't warn you.

Today, Drew returns to us with discussion about words he has picked up from RPGs. JuMeSyn shares his take on advertising and marketing without the realm of video games. I have a few brief thoughts on equipment in RPGs. So do enjoy. Finally, Adriaan offers a short, but to the point, editorial to tell you just want he thinks. He's right, don't you doubt.

Tell us we are stupid! Where else can you tactfully call a group of people idiots and not get in trouble for it? Well, I wouldn't suggest directly calling people idiots, but if you can do it without saying that exact word, then you have likely gotten your point across. Well, keep an eye out for next week's editorial section as we will have something special for our readers.


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