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Camp the G. Slime August 08, 2005

Editor's Comments:And so the gauntlet flew out and was answered in kind over a polite cup of tea and some biscuits. Check it at the door?

Responding to Pay the Man

Editor's Comments:Congratulations to Carmine on attaining Copper status. Today he talks a bit about one of the perceived ways that RPGs must advance and suggests that we don't need to leave behind the stories of yesterday for it.

Editor's Comments:You have encountered four imps. Attack? You have encountered four imps. Attack? You have encountered four imps. Attack?

Editor's Comments:A regular to our little #edscorner, Ziyad took some time recently to talk about one of the successful villian templates and successful and failed attempts at it.

Classic Editorial
Classic Editorial

Editor's Words

There's only two weeks left in the contest. We've got a fair chunk of entries but there's always room for more competition. Get them in before the deadline runs out!

Any of you folks keeping up with the ruckus going on game wise in the political world? I'm somewhat surprised that we've seen so few editorials so far touching the craziness going on there. Come on, some of you guys have got to have an opinion on what is going on. Let's see, I'd also like to congratulate Michael Beckett, featured here today in a classic editorial, on recently joining our reviews crew. No, I cannot say whether it was entirely random that his only editorial was picked today to be one of our classic editorials.

I'd like to thank everyone who showed up last week at editorials hour. Fair crowd and it was good to see you all there. I hope to see you all there again next week and that you all had fun.


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