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Hatmandu August 01, 2005

Editor's Comments:A serious editorial, for once, out of me, commenting a bit on what is going on in current events.

Editor's Comments:Carmine delves into the inherent poor mapping of levels in MMORPGs and some of the results of utilizing them. We are assured no apples were hurt in this production.

Editor's Comments:So you want a game that never ends? You want the best designs, the most compelling content? The world that spans realistically for miles and miles around? Pay the Man, and he will make it so.

Editor's Comments:Zachery, as his last act as our mighty leader as head of interaction, took some time to talk about what it has been like working here. No, he's not leaving the site. Zach is now our Business Manager having handed the CHALICE OF LEADERSHIP to Roku. Yaaay, Roku.

Classic Editorial
Classic Editorial

Editor's Words

So, I was worried a bit last week on the contest. Low turnout so far, as may have been guessed. Then I checked my email this...saturday I believe it was. Five new entries just that day. Appears some of you are waiting to hammer us all with the good stuff. For those of you still writing, remember, the contest ends this month. This'll be your last chance to get it in.

What do we have for you this week? Well, there's a bit of everything. Some current events, some insider trading, some MMO goodness, and even a bill for three hundred million dollars. Or something. The update is a bit eveningish this week, and for that I apologize, but we're still on our monday schedule, so all is good. We've got a bunch of reader editorials coming up next week as soon as I have time to edit them, so look forward to it.

Hum? It is that time again isn't it? Editorials hour is THIS WEEK, 9 PM EST on WEDNESDAY. This, for those of you on the west side of the country, is not 9 PM Pacific. We had a few stragglers who waltzed in right when we were cleaning up and saying good night to most of the participants. Try and get there on time and enjoy the fun this week. To drop by we have our mighty informants FAQ and Java IRC Client. We hope to see all of you there this week.


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