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Tropical Anniversary July 30, 2007

Editor's Comments: Sarah just started playing MMOs. She doesn't like playing with others though, so it's more like massively single player RPGs.

Editor's Comments: Adriaan sits us down to share a cute little story with us. He's right, this is not quite make-believe.

Editor's Comments: JuMeSyn's concert begins inside. Listen to music from a mix of RPGs you have and have not heard of before.

Editor's Comments: I'm back to give an outsider's view of E3. This is in contrast to last week's column.

Editor's Words

I want to thank Bryan for his special E3 update from last week. It was a cynical, yet informative look inside this year's E3. I don't mind the cynical nature at all and really can understand why Bryan felt that way after reading his offerings. It's easy to ask what people thought of the new E3 and just to get an "it sucked" answer. What I'd like to know is what people would have done differently. What if you were in Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony's shoes, what would you have changed? What about in terms of the E3 management, what would you fix for next year? Just curious. Well, E3 is past; today we have all new editorials for you.

Sarah just recently started playing massively multiplayer games, but she has found that she prefers to play alone. Having played a few MMOs myself, I can understand that. Adriaan brings us a nice bedtime story about some young friends. This one shouldn't put you to sleep. JuMeSyn brings us some sweet music to listen to. We may have never heard of the games before, but we at least get to hear what it sounds like. Finally, I have, not so much a rebuttal, but a slightly different outlook on E3 this year in contrast to Bryan's offerings from last week.

We would love for you to share your thoughts about anything remotely RPG related. So, while I'm on vacation this week, the inbox is working overtime. We've had a major lull in submissions over the past two weeks (no, JuMeSyn, I still have a ton of yours in the backlog, so you don't have to work overtime), so it would be nice to see some fresh faces on the scene. In the meantime, thanks to whoever was kind enough to fill in for me. I'm going to go enjoy my anniversary vacation.

Whoa! How did I end up here? I'm usually just running around, putting up columns late and such, and suddenly I'm tossed into the Editorials department? Don't fear, dear readers! Ilchymis is here to help put up the editorials this week (one of my favorite parts of RPGamer), and will be back to posting Currents come Wednesday. I guess this leaves me to do all the grunt work while good ol' Mikey frolics about in some sort of Amazonian themed "Love-Anniversary" celebration. C'est la vie, eh readers?


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