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Stepping Down July 24, 2006

Editor's Comments: Bryan returns with more of our favorite Crunching Numbers series. This time he takes a look into the number of games upcoming or released on our favorite handheld systems.

Editor's Comments: Of all the series to fall, Tom can think of three that he would like to see return to their roots. And by return to their roots, he doesn't mean a butchered port or remake.

Editor's Comments: Saving the world can be fun when you have the possibility of failing, and not by losing at the final boss. Knowing up front what you're getting into helps, too.

Editor's Comments: Josh gets a little haiku-happy this time around. Discussing everything from the PS3 to my leaving. Here's hoping Terrant doesn't suck! *stabs Josh one last time*

Editor's Words

Well, this is it guys. Next week will be Tom's training column. Make sure you send him lots of welcoming eds!

Bryan returns with another installment of his Crunching Numbers series. Tom discusses the top three series he would like to see in their former glory. Edwin returns to discuss how saving the world can be fun, in two easy steps. Finally, Josh goes a bit haiku-happy.

I'm going to miss writing eds. I promised I'd come up with something special for my final column. So, I'd like to present her royal highness, my cat Jasmin:


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