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Froyos and Rom Coms. July 22, 2009
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Justice Gabriel Ang

Editorial Excerpt:

"Responsibility and accountability are two things a lot of people often take for granted. A lot of people do what they want, when they want, where they want and how they want them without thinking of the consequences. At times it becomes actions beyond reasonable control, and even then some people refuse to take responsibility. Sure enough people have differing opinions and ideals, but at times they are trampled under the weight of another's insistence."

Wheel of Fortune Gabriel Ang

Editorial Excerpt:

"Whether or not you are a believer in the ideas of fate or destiny, one cannot deny the fact that one cannot perfectly determine the outcomes of human actions, and that sometimes things just happen beyond a person's control. It is not to say that people are weak or impotent to take control, but rather that the entire spectrum of life is so wide that one cannot realistically take charge of it all, or even predict the outcome of the events in a person's life."

From the Editor's Desk

Well, now that Run to the Sun is over, I guess it's back to business, huh? Can't say I want it to be considering the fantastic experience I had. Much love and thanks to Omega, Macstorm and Risingsuntzu for putting up with me for a few days. Glad I was able to help out. However, I am not the staff drunk, no matter how many times Omegabyte states this as fact.

To be honest, I really don't have much to discuss this week. Just two editorials in Gabriel Ang's tarot series. I wish I had more to discuss, but I haven't been feeling well since I return from California.

Next week, I promise there will be more editorials and I will be more chattier. See you all later!

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