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Castles In The Sky July 18, 2005

Editor's Comments:Inspired by an old american folklore and a remake that never made it to the states.

Editor's Comments:The contest continues. Tyler attacks some of the modern conventions we still hold to and addresses where we can progress on the border of RPG development.

Editor's Comments:Hmm, I've been here before! Gimmicks that get seen far too often in games.

Editor's Comments:Carmine talks about cooperative multiplayer and how it adds to the game for him...through a rather disturbing conceit.

Classic Editorial
Classic Editorial

Editor's Words

The contest marches on, though we're still short on entries. Think about it, with the current amount, you will get to the final round and are almost assured a prize. How can you not take a good hour and enter in?

Anyhow, we've got a good spread for you guys this week. Some different and experimental works, which is always nice to see. Hope you guys enjoy it, and hey, how about writing in some? We've got a bit of a empty box to look at for the coming week and I don't relish trying to fill it all myself. No one managed to tackle me at Meredith either. I'm disappointed in the Ninja hordes. Additionally, I've learned it is good to have a water bottle around if you're going to be talking for several hours. Owie on the throat. Anyhow, good folks down there.

What else do we have going on right now? Aside from the contest? It is that time again as Editorials Hour rolls around this week. We're going to be partying out this Wednesday night, 9 pm EST, Live On IRC. That too complicated for you? Head on over here and click the 'editorials' icon at the bottom and it'll bring you right into the room. We'll be doing some neat stuff there tonight, so if you've got the time head on down. Heck, if you don't have the time to write, we still appreciate folks coming out to cheer us on. It helps, really!

Anyhow, that brings an end to our weekly editorials. I'll see you all in the forums.


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