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Lost Dragon Heat July 16, 2007

Editor's Comments: Drew defends the Breath of Five V save system today. He thinks the risks are a good thing.

Editor's Comments: Michael is a reviewer himself, but thankfully not an angry one. These angry reviewers are something to look out for.

Editor's Comments: JuMeSyn takes us to Gotham City today. Get ready for Batman the RPG.

Editor's Comments: Jeffrey is a pirate who doesn't do anything. Well, not really, just don't interrupt him during his PSP playtime.

Editor's Words

Well, the new E3 has come and gone. What did you think of it? It was definitely different this year, that's for sure. No big announcements, no big shockers, or anything. Unless you count Nintendo's Wii Fit game, which is really a non-game, but that's another topic for another editorial. For now, on to this week's editorials.

Drew brings us a rebuttal this week defending Breath of Five V and its unique save system. Is the system bold and innovative or just plain annoying? Michael "CactuarJoe" Beckett is angry with angry reviewers. They seem to give other reviewers a bad name and he's tired of it. JuMeSyn is back again this week dressed all in black. Is he fighting crime in the dark of night or just discussing RPGs? Finally, Jeffrey is going to make some people walk the plank this week. He doesn't like pirates, because they seem to ruin things for everyone.

Just a quick note for any that are interested in submitting an editorial, but don't know how, we have a guidelines page. I just recently took the time to update it, so give it a look here. That may have changed, but this email link hasn't at all. So thanks to all of those who answered my call and keep 'em coming!


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