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Breath of Fire: Rise of the Dragon July 11, 2005

Editor's Comments:This is to all those people out there who still don't get it. The history of the breath of fire trilogy from beginning to end, covering how each game fits together with minimal interpretation.

Editor's Comments:The second in the days of our liiives. I hunted down martyr, one of our wily news heads and beat him with a lead pipe. He dropped this instead of two bucks. Disappointment.

Editor's Comments:A tribute to one of the lesser appreciated actors upon the stage of Breath of Fire.

Editor's Comments:Heath talks about his first experience with RPGs and how it drew him into the genre.

Classic Editorial
Classic Editorial

Editor's Words

Destiny challenged us and so we chose to end the world.

The contest is moving on slowly with five entrants so far. We've got some time yet to go. What else do we have for you guys this week? Hum, it is on the tip of my tongue, oh yeah, theme update! =P A recent breath of fire kick contributed to making pretty much every editorial this week breath of fire stuff... so instead of spreading it out, it was decided to do a nifty theme week. Next week we'll return to normal random scatter plot of topics.

What else? Well, I'm headed down to North Carolina this wednesday to give a couple of talks down at Meredith in Raleigh, NC. Some of it may be on game design. Anyhow, it'll be a rare opportunity to catch me away from my stronghold and not armed with a cannon. Ninjas, I expect that I shall not return unharmed and if I do, I will be very disappointed in you. If anyone there reads this, persay, and is actually an RPGamer fan since I'm told I'll apparently be talking to a couple hundred people, feel free to come around afterwards and give a holler.

I think that is it. I really should get these things out earlier. I feel like I'm not hollering enough in them.

There was nothing to regret. Nothing...

This update is dedicated to our mighty leader and profound lover of all things Breath of Fire, ASV.


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