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Reading Addiction July 10, 2006

Editor's Comments: The final installment of Gabriel's three part series on philosophy and romance in RPGs is upon us! If you have missed the earlier editorials they are here: part one and part two.

Editor's Comments: Game companies are always promoting their "50 hours of gameplay" on boxes or commercials. What goes into these games to make the fifty hours seem like they drag on forever? Hint: it doesn't take much.

Editor's Comments: Many games like to tease us when we get to use a new character. Especially when that character is only available for a short period of time. Then they run off with this cute little monkey wearing a ribbon, with your bubble gum in tow.

Editor's Comments: You just encountered the final boss! Prepare your swords! Press the space bar to jump and use the mouse to move...what? Oh, right, nevermind. Having a minigame boss battle would be annoying, wouldn't it?

Editor's Words

I'm falling asleep at my desk...

This week, Gabriel returns with his final installment of the philosophy and romance trilogy. Roku joins us to discuss how to fill a game up with fifty hours of fluff and why minigame bosses are a bad idea. Finally, Mac decides that too many games tease us with characters we don't get to keep.

My box is really empty, guys. I mean nothing-left-after-this-update empty. I'm going to cry if I don't get submissions this week! Get writing! You don't want to make a grown woman cry!


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