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In California, I Dream of Snow July 8, 2009
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That Had to Hurt - Or Maybe Not Mike Moehnke

Editorial Excerpt:

"See if this scenario sounds familiar: in a showcase battle, the protagonists are able to defeat a major opponent. Upon being beaten quite soundly, the adversary dusts himself/herself off and runs away. Soon the process will repeat, with this opponent being able to shrug off the best offensive efforts of the player and come back ready for another beating."

On Originality: Editorial Grinding Glenn Wilson

Editorial Excerpt:

"I enter a cave. While walking from the entrance to the exit, I have twelve random encounters. I exit the cave. Why do people insist on calling this level grinding?"

Strength Gabriel Ang

Editorial Excerpt:

"People sometimes forget that we are, in fact, still animals. Every human is an animal, and inside any animal, is that animals instinct. Instincts are driven by many things such as greed, courage, glory and even fear."

Hermit Gabriel Ang

Editorial Excerpt:

"In this mad and always moving world, every person feels like they're always getting swept along by all sorts of people. Of course no man truly wants to be alone, but there are times when we are always in the company of others that we have no times for ourselves."

From the Editor's Desk

Welcome to another edition of RPGamer Editorials! I admit, I have barely done anything since we all last met other then play video games. I finally hit over twenty hours in Persona 4 and I'm finally starting to enjoy the game more. To be honest, the characters just were not grabbing me the same way they did in 3. However, I still enjoy the concepts for the dungeons, and I do adore Yukiko and Kanji. Kanji is my mah boy!

I finally finished playing Rune Factory 2 which you can check out my review for, and I also started playing Final Fantasy III because... well because I didn't play it last month for The Year of Final Fantasy event we are doing on the site. Click the banner under my signature for more information on that.

I have four editorials this week. Gabriel Ang returns with two new tarot pieces excellent stuff as always. Glenn Wilson appears once again to be flamed, and JuMeSyn comes baring a piece of wonderful hilarity related to those villains we sometimes wish would just keel over.

Anyways, that's it for this week. There will no column next week as I will be joining Omegabyte, Macstorm and Risingsuntzu at Run to the Sun this year. Here's hoping when I get there that I don't melt!

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