Editorials for July 6th, 2001
  Casting a Long Shadow

Since name-related titles seem to be en vogue right now, I thought I'd slap this little double-whammy on you, just to see how it goes. It's me again. Everyone's favorite matron of editorials got a little behind in her themes-doing, so I got the nod to throw up an update here to keep things going smoothly. Hey, I'm not complaining- she owed me one anyway :).

Okay, so now that nobody has any idea who this is, I'll leave it up to my email info to get the actual introduction done and get on with things here. Nightshadow has come up with a daring, innovative, and all around spiffy idea to keep things interesting in these parts, so let's see some participation, shall we? The plan is this: in the theme of a debate, teams of two or three writers will gang up against each other and cast their lot with... contending editorials!

Break out your duelling banjos and thinking caps, because while the details haven't been finalized, we will, of course, need a number of interested individuals to team up and cut little strips out of each other (figuratively speaking, of course... I wouldn't dream of encouraging random flayings, since it is a pretty messy procedure.) Scratch the violence, actually. This is all about fun. Our inaugural topic will be Life vs. RPGs- which is better? One thing's for certain- it's a new topic, so maybe we'll even be able to steer away from the tendency to degrade into Old School vs. New School every couple of weeks or so. Or maybe not... After all, regular editorial submissions are still being accepted.

Submission rules are as follows: with your partner in crime, concoct an editorial based upon a topic that will be presented by Mistress Nightshadow. (Which was just mentioned above) The topic is going to be something lighthearted, so don't feel the need to take things too seriously. Anyhow, these eds are going to be accepted in rounds, so that everyone gets a chance to present their side of the argument before any rebuttals are heard. Rebuttals will not be the point-by-point, lovingly deconstructive, murderously venemous, slash-and-burn personal attacks favoured by some of the more overzealous patrons of this section; rather, they'll just be 1000 word replies to the contesting viewpoint, because the key word here is 'fun'. The full process is described here, so I don't need to go into any further detail.

Now, with that out of the way, there's the small matter of this week's editorials. There's quite a few topics this week, ranging from an editorial-review hybrid hyping Shenmue to a couple of rebuttals of long-running arguments. Seems someone doesn't like Square too much, from the look of things. On the other hand, a few other people don't like a still a few other people even more, so it makes for some interesting reading, at least. More interesting still is the fact I had to post a rebuttal to my own editorial. This could have been a lot worse, but fortunately, the person responsible had a good point, so I even didn't edit it horribly. Not that I would do such a thing anyway...

Anyway, that's about all there is to say here. I've enjoyed my brief stint wading through a whole whack of editorials, and maybe one day I'll get another chance to do so. For now, I'll go back to what I do best- that thing I do the best. I'd think it up, but I'm a little tired right now, since evidently, co-ordinating Eastern Standard Time with whatever crazy time zone Nightshadow lies in involves staying up past dawn. For now, I'll just sit here and plan revenge... or at least fall asleep.

Notes from Mistress Nightshadow:

Coming up with this scheme delayed things a little. We also had a few minor hiccups, which kinda forced this update to slip by for 24 hours...

Other than that, I'll be at Media central, so keep sending in the themes at as well as your efforts here, and be sure to read the debate guidelines if you're interested.

Just a thought.

Andrew Long

get it now? ha... ugh. I'm done.
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