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Editorials in July July 04, 2005

Editor's Comments:Sometimes a game is just a game, a story is just a story. Here's a bit of thought on how attempting to be deep and meaningful on a random topic can ruin a game.

Editor's Comments:The World was not made in a day nor without reason...sort of. Anyhow, Heath tells us a bit about some reasonings behind the .hack franchise not going MMO.

Editor's Comments:Benjamin enters the playing field with a very well thought out editorial on the evolution of RPGs and more specifically the problems they are encountering these days.

Editor's Comments:A slow start but we've got another contest entry in. Monarc reflects on the future of RPGs.

Classic Editorial
Classic Editorial

Editor's Words

Hmmm,contest, contest, contest, contest, contest.

Ah yes, where were we. I'm going to be a bit short this week as I've got more stuff to continue to get done for the site today but, have a happy fourth of July and keep on writing for the new quarter. Also, we've got a new FAQ up. It has been a long time in coming and mostly my fault there, but I'd like to give thanks to Snyder who put together a new cleaned up version. We're also trying out not having comments on the classic editorials since it is a bit awkward talking about them in the present tense.

contest, contest, contest, contest, contest.

I think that's about it. We're not having editorials hour this week due to the holiday, so I hope you all have a good week.


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