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Middle of the Week Weekend July 3, 2006

Editor's Comments: So what exactly is the point in having a collector's edition of a game? I know that I am going to be all over that steel case for Final Fantasy XII. Really. Here are two reasons why Josh won't be.

Editor's Comments: The line that defines an RPG is pretty fuzzy these days. Everyone has a different idea in what elements make a game an RPG. Tom shares his opinion on what makes up this elusive genre.

Editor's Comments: Mac has been looking forward to Final Fantasy III ever since he first learned of the Japanese game. After quite a few false hopes, the game he has been waiting for is on the horizon. Will it be what he expected?

Editor's Comments: Last week, the gaming community's attention was on a blog written by Luke Smith at Was he justified in stating that "public knowledge" can't be embargoed? See what Edwin has to say.

Editor's Words

As I was leaving work today, my supervisor wished me a happy middle of the week weekend. Which I suppose is true. I only work three days a week, and Tuesday is the middle of my week, but one would think he'd have wished me a happy fourth or something.

This week, Josh explains why he doesn't want to buy a collector's edition of a game. Tom returns to share his own definition of an RPG. Mac discusses a certain game he has been looking forward to for quite some time. Finally, one of our resident newsies decided to write an editorial for us, discussing a blog that had everyone's attention last week.

While you're enjoying the fireworks, maybe you can think about writing an editorial?


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