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Canada's Really Big July 1, 2009
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Battle System Originality: Blinded by the Light Michael Cunningham

Editorial Excerpt:

"While I can't really fault Glenn for stating that the Japanese RPG selection has seen little innovation in the past few years, most of that is due to the fact that there have been remakes and re-releases galore."

On Story: There Are Other Worlds than These Glenn Wilson

Editorial Excerpt:

"Every Monday morning I passed the Washington Monument, and every Monday morning my uncontrollable reaction to seeing it was the same..."

Seems So Long Ago, Adelaide Poet Sam Marchello

Editorial Excerpt:

"Being around eight years old, we believed that the characters we experienced in RPGs were like our close friends, and it was up to us to help them save the world."

From the Editor's Desk

Happy Canada Day! And to those Canadians who do not know where this week's title is from, shame on you and your knowledge of Canadian musicians!

Anyways, I haven't been gaming much this week. In fact, the only real gaming I did was I played a new tabletop RPG called Necessary Evil, which is a part of Savage Worlds. It's a very quirky and fast paced game. I made a Gadget Master/ex-supermodel for my super villain which is not my usual character type. All in all, it was a good game and I recommend it for those who have a really strong role-playing group.

I have three editorials this week, including two which are deeply personal pieces. Glenn Wilson returns with a piece on the important aspects of storytelling in an RPG, while I discuss childhood's past and my personal relationship to role-playing games. I recognize how highly personal this piece is, and I'm sorry if it makes anyone uncomfortable as I know it is not a usual piece that is presented the column. However, I believe in telling stories regardless of how personal they may be. Perhaps my question to you all this week is: do you have any special memories while gaming? I'm sure everyone has one. I also know I'm not the only person who has been pondering this idea. Also, yes, I'm a nerd, and yes I shared my article with Leigh Alexander. Why? Because her interpretation of Phantasy Star II was the first article I ever read by her and it's the one piece I will always remember that puts a huge smile on my face.

And finally, last but not least, Michael Cunningham returns with a rebuttal to Glenn's article from last week about originality. My goodness, guys! I was so proud of all the thought provoking responses last week. Mighty impressed, that's for sure. Any who, read and respond as always, and read Glenn and Mac's articles closely - they are super awesome stuff and worthy of good discussion. I hope all you Canadians have an awesome Canada Day, and I hope everyone else also has a good day too. See you all next week!

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