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Let It Fade June 25, 2007

Editor's Comments: Much like Jeffrey last week, Stephanie has some insight to share with us about gaming. Can you really take time away from it?

Editor's Comments: We all know the answer to Tito Paul's question. His editorial, however, puts a whole new spin on Brain Age.

Editor's Comments: Adriaan teaches us Mythology 101 in an attempt to make sure that we know where developers get so many of their ideas. If only they would start branching out a little more.

Editor's Comments: JuMeSyn give us his take on licensed games. I'd say that many of us have similar stories.

Editor's Words

What's everyone playing right now? Anyone have anything interesting to share about their current game of choice? I just finished Vandal Hearts and have been trying to get the time to work through Super Paper Mario. Pixls are awesome. They have such personality. So, does it look like the Wii is ever going to get any other RPG worth playing? I know we have Fire Emblem to look forward to as well as Dragon Quest Swords and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, but is that all? It's bound to get more as time goes on. Also, the PSP seems to be making a big showing this summer with a flood of new games coming out. Any thoughts on that? I just thought I'd toss some editorial ideas out there for you.

This week we have an editorial from Stephanie that's right on par with Jeffrey from last week. Do enjoy. Tito Paul makes a return with an interesting take on Brain Age. Our newest staff reviewer, Adriaan "omegabyte" den Ouden, greets us with an editorial as well, sharing his views on the use of mythologies in RPGs. And last, but not least, JuMeSyn gives us his take on licensed games. Don't we all just shutter when we see them? I know I tend to do so.

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