Editorials for April June 22nd, 2002.
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Your Honour, My Client Chooses to Stand MuteMatthew Scribner
We Have Become ElitistsRobert Giles
After a long break imposed by the typical submissions dry spell around this time, I make my triumphant return. I'm also free of that dastardly beast called Finals, and finally broke down and bought a PS2 when the price drop hit. I polished off Final Fantasy X early this morning, so feel free to send me all you've got regarding that, if you've been holding back. I found the game surprisingly enjoyable, although the voice acting really screwed up a few scenes, and the singer for Suteki Da Ne had some horrible pitch problems. You might also consider, if you haven't ranted about this already, the judge who ruled that video games can not be considered speech, and the ever-heating console 'war'.

Coming to you next time will be some thoughts on why objective standards for RPG judging are counterintuitive and maybe a little something about the Dragon Quest series from our resident wanderer, Doug Hill. If you're especially good, and I persist in not finding a regular job, you might even see the unfurling of the new page design, a Harnest/Peters production.
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