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Sick Day June 11, 2007

Editor's Comments: Sarah discusses the importance of voice acting.

Editor's Comments: JuMeSyn wants to put the lives of RPG villains in our hands.

Editor's Comments: Stuart discusses female characters in the RPG world.

Editor's Comments: Tony brings us his own take on Fragaphobia.

Editor's Words

This section is getting a tad stale for me, so I want to think of something different to do here. I could sit and rattle off that I'm playing through Final Fantasy PSP, but who cares? I could say that I'm looking forward to Brave Story: New Traveler and Blue Dragon, just to name a couple. But honestly, I just want to say that I love RPGs and love hearing what others have to say about them. I think I'm going to start writing an editorial about Sony right now. Anyone care to join me? We could have a Sony flavored column next week. Give it a shot. I'd be interested to see if anyone has things similar to what I have to say.

For now, let's look at this week's selection of editorials. We have two from staff and two from readers. JuMeSyn returns again today, but instead of looking at an RPG that never hit the states, he's discussing something much deeper. He wants players to have the option of whether or not to kill off a bad guy. I guess Magus wasn't enough for him. We have Stuart bringing us an editorial today on the characterization of females in RPGs. Sarah joins us again to discuss her passion for voice acting and how she deals with bad voice acting in RPGs. Lastly, we have Tony sharing how he agrees with my Fragaphobia editorial from a couple of weeks ago. I can't say that I disagree with him at all on his points either. Stuart and Tony both hit copper today, so good for them.

Love Sony? Hate Sony? Send an editorial sharing your thoughts. What about Square Enix? Final Fantasy? Dragon Quest? The Nintendo DS? The Wii? Xbox 360 RPGs? What about PC-style RPGs, do you love them or hate them? I'll take your thoughts on anything even remotely RPG related, so don't hesitate to write something up. I'll read it if no one else does.


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