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Kaiser Soze June 5, 2006

Editor's Comments: Chris is rather annoyed at Microsoft and their lack of foresight in allowing multiple Xbox Live profiles to exist on the same console. Join the revolution!

Editor's Comments: In response to Bryan's editorial last week, Rebecca brings her opinion to the table, touting the Nintendo Wii to be more than just a gimmicky system.

Editor's Words

Well, this was kinda thrown at me at the last minute, so we're just going to do a partial update today. Angel's feeling under the weather, so I'm here posting a quick update.

Today we have two fan submissions (both of which are new to the Editorial section)! Chris displays his rage for the ludicrous intricacies of the Xbox Live setup, and Rebecca writes a rebuttal to last week's GimmickWii editorial, showing her support for the oddly-named Nintendo system. Good to have you both on board! ^^

Angel will undoubtedly return next week with a slew of editorials, so be sure to be there!

Obligatory Q&A plug: New Contest, run by me, for the Weekend crowd! Check it out!



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