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Sunburn June 4, 2007

Editor's Comments: Bryan continues with his insight into Next-Gen. This time he touches on Sega.

Editor's Comments: Jeffrey has a rather interesting piece on why Kingdom Hearts is so appealing. This is some pretty deep stuff, so bring a shovel.

Editor's Comments: Dallas just can't seem to level up. For some reason, he's just can't get through level 5.

Editor's Comments: JuMeSyn discusses a game that never made it to the US. SHOCKER! I hope I didn't spoil this editorial for anyone. ;)

Editor's Words

Howdy folks. Things have picked up within the past week, thankfully. I was in LA soaking up the sun, so I really wouldn't have known either way. Actually, I didn't see the sun that much, but I did see a good number of RPGs. That was much more enjoyable and less likely to damage my skin. Lots of cool stuff coming our way soon, so if you haven't seen it yet. Check out RPGamer's Run to the Sun. But for now, back to editorials.

This week we start with Bryan as he brings us part two of his discussion on the next-gen path of developers. Jeffrey also joins us again today with a deep discussion on the Kingdom Hearts series. It's pretty deep and looks to only get deeper with a new Kingdom Hearts game being revealed later this year. Dallas just doesn't seem to enjoy games from Level 5. I'll stand back out of the way while DQVIII fans attempt to stone him. Finally, JuMeSyn returns with talk of an RPG that none of us have likely played.

Are ya feelin' frisky? Want to attack someone's editorial from this week? Send in a rebuttal or a new editorial to We'll post it and then everyone can point and laugh at you the same way that you've done to others in the past. It's great fun really. Kinda like the circle of life. Well, enjoy. I'll see you again next week.


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