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Editorials on a Plane May 28, 2007

Editor's Comments: Played Odin Sphere yet? Well, that really doesn't matter, because JuMeSyn is discussing its spiritual predecessor, Princess Crown.

Editor's Comments: Chris counters my editorial about Square Enix's multiplayer decisions. Is the love of money the cause of this phobia?

Editor's Comments: Bryan discusses the path the transition to next-gen is taking in this first part of his series. What direction will this new gen take?

Editor's Comments: I take a look at what it's like to revisit old RPGs years after an initial playthrough. Are your feelings the same the second time around?

Editor's Words

Get these editorials off my plane! OK, I'm not Samuel L. Jackson, but as I sit here over 3,000 feet in the air looking down at the Grand Canyon, I can safely say that I'd want him on my flight were there snakes or any other pests causing problems. I don't really have to worry about that though, because I've yet to see a snake, but sadly I've seen just as few editorials this week. I know it is a busy time with the Memorial Day holiday and all, but please help keep us afloat this next week with a flood of editorials.

Today, JuMeSyn is back once more with two editorials. The first one is talking about a Japanese title, Princess Crown from Altus. Though never released here in the US, it is very similar to Odin Sphere. Any other Japanese games out there that need US releases? *winkShiningForce3parts2&3wink* Chris joins us today with a rebuttal to my editorial on Fragaphobia. He may not have a cure, but he thinks he knows the cause. Bryan returns again with the first in his series on the transition into next-gen. Who will lead and what path will it take? I finish us out today with a discussion on how much fun RPGs are the second time around. Here's a secret, they aren't always as much fun. Oh, and I'm platinum now. Yeah!

I'll make this simple and to the point. Please send in some editorials. We need them for next week. As always, send it to I can't wait to read them and imagine that everyone else will, too.


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