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Light Up The Night May 16, 2010
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I Have Gaming ADD C-C-C-Cure Me! Sam Marchello

Editorial Excerpt:

"Gaming ADD is a common symptom of the average gamer. Once in a while we find ourselves playing a game, then all of a sudden we either get distracted or bored, so we pop in another new game to play."

The Aging RPGamer Paul Engemann

Editorial Excerpt:

"With a career, a wife, a house, car and all the other things that "adults" do, I still enjoy RPGs, and if I didn't, I don't think I'd be working here."

From the Editor's Desk

I have beaten two games in one week. Go team Nyx! Mind you, one was my review game, and one was a game that I just decided to review. Neither of them came from my backlog which means I need to find some time to play catch up. This is the problem when you decide to help out the review crew! Ah well, both games I played were really fun, if for different reasons. I'm working my way through Levant's story in Hexyz Force and playing it on New Game+. I think I may like his story so far slightly more than Cecilia's...

I've got two editorials this week, one from myself and one from a staff member who's name you may not see too often, Paul Engemann, who is our content editor. I am absolutely thrilled to be sharing his editoral this week, although it's certainly one I may not be able to relate to just yet in my life. My editorial is about gaming ADD. I already discussed this on the forum before, but I wanted to flesh out my feelings on the subject matter. Even though I've beaten three games this month, I'm not beating things that are in my backlog.

It's getting late and I suppose I should run off to bed. There will be one more column this month, and then I'm off for a week in June for a mini-vacation. See you all next week!

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