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Raspberry Swirl April 28, 2010
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I am Monster Hunter, Hear Me Roar! Becky Cunningham

Editorial Excerpt:

"I'm not entirely sure what I expected when I went into Monster Hunter Tri's character creation and selected the little "female" symbol."

Artsy Fartsy Mike Moehnke

Editorial Excerpt:

"Roger Ebert recently wrote a journal entry that set tongues wagging. The notion of art versus fun set James Berardinelli to thinking, and his thoughts are visible right here. Naturally I have some thoughts on this matter too, but they'll wait a minute while those lengthy links get a chance to be read."

From the Editor's Desk

I feel as though I am a baking champion. For the past few weeks I've done nothing but perfect the art of making cookies for various occasions. I've mastered the art of peanut butter, double chocolate, and a personal favourite of my mother's, snickerdoodles. I'm not sure what it is about baking, but I find the process really relaxing,and it gives me the chance to feel as though I'm playing scientist. Now if I could just master pie baking, I think that'd be nice to add to my repertoire. Hmmmm... what else should I learn to bake?

I have two editorials this week, one coming from JuMeSyn who is responding to Ebert's debate on "games as art." The second piece comes from Becky Cunningham, and she looks at female model types in games, particularly in Capcom's latest title, Monster Hunter Tri.

My free time hasn't been as plentiful lately as it used to be, but I'll do my best to keep editorials alive and well. I encourage all you readers out there to please submit editorials. Without reader submissions this column has a hard time staying afloat, and I'd prefer it stay intact, than become a sinking ship. Please read and respond, and I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday.

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