Editorials for April 19, 2000  

  Rumplestiltskin Ain't Got Nuffin' on Me  

Really, I feel badly that this is up late, honest. But instead of wasting more time apologizing, I'll just get on with the show, and make it up to you with a whole boatload of extra editorials for you to read. For anyone who actually wants a bigger apology or wonders where I disappeared to, feel free to e-mail me.

Thank yous this week go out to all 20 kazillion people who wrote in eds. I got one piece of feedback from all 3 instances of me begging for it, but got tons of good editorials to make up for it. The trade-offs we make. So lots of editorials to me means lots of editorials for you to read.

HTML is the bane of my existence. You will here this many times in my tenure here.

Have you seen this man?
Wanted for: Late editorial updates, bad Webster impressions, compulsive laziness, and for lusting after an underage Psyduck

Again, please let me edit your grammar, pretty please? With sugar on top? Just tell me I can and not only will your editorial get up more quickly, but you won't have to edit it! So please please please please please please please please please please please do it?

The magic number for this week is 19. Nineteen times the fun, nineteen times the editorial goodness. We have reactions to CNN news reports, well written papers on video games with quoted sources, and a whole boatload of common sense. We have people reacting to things yours truly said (and as usual, I was all wrong). So to get out that "The bastard took a week and a half to update, kill him!" aggression, just read those. Or make a voodoo doll of me.

Oh, as a side-note, the archives and submission guidelines, thanks to Googleshng, our own personal HTML-adept slime. If you haven't guessed by now, my HTML is terrible. However, I check it all on NS and IE (NS 4.7, IE 5 and 3), so it should work with most of you guys, even though I get about 170 errors on each page of HTML I write (that's not a joke).

Hrm, that's about it. Two weeks 'til I'm in finals, so I'll try to get updates up more often in order to make up for the lost time I'm sure they'll be during finals week. Of course, these weeks aren't too much better, I just got Tactics Ogre and have played it for a whopping two hours maybe. To aid you on your journey down the scroll bar, I will offer you two quotes: "College is a fountain of knowledge, and the students are there to drink," and "If all the college students who slept through class were laid down head-to-toe, then they'd be a heck of a lot more comfortable."

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    New Editorials
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    More Crap About Final Fantasy 7 and It's Ending Jake Gus 4/19/2000
    A Reply to Another Elitist Bastard Letter Jouni A Harjunmaa 4/19/2000
    Violence in Video Games Jonathan Keller 4/19/2000
    Rebuttal to 'The Fear of the Online RPG' Joe "Tabris" Rinaldi 4/19/2000
    Why you think you like FF6 the best Luke Adams 4/19/2000
    Why Bother? Matthew Furrow 4/19/2000
    The Developer's End of the Console War OniNemo 4/19/2000
    Selphie's Role in FF8 Rob Janney 4/19/2000
    Rebuttal to Scarmiglion David Sanders 4/19/2000
    Scart, Gloves, and an FF7 Spoiler Tifa Worshipper 4/19/2000

    Begging for Feedback
    The Graphics Debate - Who's Really To Blame? Andrew Gonzalez 4/19/2000

    Anything and Everything Pertaining to Games
    Selphie's Importance The Psycho 4/9/2000
    Who is Ultimecia? I think I know... Peter Williams 4/9/2000
    Comments on FF7's Ending Maduin 4/9/2000
    An Interpretation of Final Fantasy VII's Ending Brett Smith 4/3/2000
    The Sequel to End All Sequels Joshua "Darien" Maciel 4/3/2000
    Almost Having the Guts, Almost Breaking Stereotypes Chris Brown 3/28/2000
    A View on Xenogears and Its Gnostic Influences Philippe R-A 3/28/2000
    The Misunderstood Final Fantasy Finale Michael Harnest 3/28/2000

    Companies and Console Systems
    Sega's Ambitious Dream... Joshua "Darien" Maciel 4/9/2000
    Confused about X-Box? Well, you are supposed to be! Andrill 3/28/2000

    RPGamers - What They Want, What They Love
    Women, RPGs, and New Game+ ShinKarasu 4/9/2000
    Action-Based Character Revisited Richard Allen 4/9/2000
    Why We are Lucky to be Role Players Chris Steidel 4/9/2000
    The Fear of the Online RPG Jason Dow 4/9/2000
    The Personalities of RPG Heroes Paul Elliott 4/3/2000
    A Pointless Letter on the RPG dsanickl 4/3/2000
    Why Graphics Shouldn't be so Important V L B 4/3/2000
    PC RPGs, translation, and a lot of other opinionated stuff! Kris Wolfe 4/3/2000
    New Roses Are Not Released Every Year Michael Harnest 3/28/2000

    Q&A Debates, and Other Miscellaneous Editorials
    Pokemon is Mental Crack! Scarmiglion 4/9/2000
    An Editorial Approaches...Command? Joshua "Darien" Maciel 4/9/2000

    Rebuttals, Response, and Anti-Editorials
    Another Elitist Bastard Letter Mephtik-X 4/9/2000
    The Problem with Modern Gamers 4/3/2000
    On Fanfics - Conspiracy Theories That Make Mulder Look Conservative Intrasonic 3/23/2000
    Rebuttal to Intrasonic's Fanfic Theories Usagi Vindaloo 3/28/2000
    Addition to Usagi Vindaloo's rebuttal The Steel Gunner 4/3/2000
    The Decline and Fall of the English Language Matthew Furrow 3/20/2000
    The Importance of Correct Grammar Moux Cow Petau 4/3/2000
    Re: Decline and Fall of the English Language Red H. MacGuffin 3/23/2000
    Rebuttal for the decline and fall of the English language Tom Moore 3/23/2000

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