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Sad Panda April 11, 2005

Editor's Comments:Glenn makes his first appearance in Editorials with a fairly lengthy examination of Necron's role in Final Fantasy 9.

Editor's Comments:Produced in the last Editorials Hour, John gives the CALL!

Editor's Comments: Hidden dungeons? Fine wines? Swords and Puzzles and things? All this and more within.

Editor's Comments:So, you got to give people a chance to save. How are you going to do it? Toss a crystal in the middle of the room? Bo~ring. Diana covers some more fun ways of integrating saving into the game culture. She also makes copper. Congratulations.

Editor's Words

I'm sorry folks. This should've been up yesterday. We've got plenty of good editorials and aside from getting this page written it would've gone up. Got sort of sidetracked getting the weekly beta off for class and by the time that was done I didn't have the energy to finish this off. Anyhow, some of ye, the observant types, will notice a sad panda up at the top. He's quite sad. You see, despite a stellar showing last eds hour, we didn't quite get fifteen people to pie Karlinn. And he had his Nixon mask all ready for it too. And PersonThing gave a strong effort, throwing four separate pies at him. Anyhow, thanks for everyone who showed up, it was great to see all you guys there, even if it took a good half hour for everyone to say hello. I'll wrap this up quickly since I'm about to land my head on the keyboard.

Eds topic will be linked when we return the boards from maintaince. Latest being tonight.


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