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Running on Fumes April 10, 2006

Editor's Comments: Should games that are rated 'Mature' be dumbed down for gamers? Where does the RPG populace fall into this notion? Matt takes a look at Mature games and their role in the RPG industry.

Editor's Comments: Michael doesn't like spoilers. Oh, darnit! I just gave away what's inside this editorial...Mac is going to have my head! I'd better just tell you guys to read it so he feels good.

Editor's Comments: With the advent of the Nintendo Revolution's controller, motion sensor technology is going to have a giant effect on gaming. But...what if it were applied to Dragon Quest?

Editor's Comments: Our very own Sound Test Curator steps up and discusses the logistics behind the PvP ranking system in World of Warcraft. The question is: How jaded is he?

Editor's Words

I'm taking over for Angel while she takes a trip to DC. It has certainly been a busy weekend for me, having to work Friday and Sunday nights, and covering for a friend Saturday afternoon. Add to that posting RT earlier this week, and temping at the Q&A section...and you have one tired Josh.

Today we've got a wide variety of editorials for you to chow down on. For an appetizer, Matt talks about the Mature ratings of games and how they affect the RPG world. For your entree, we have Michael, who doesn't want me to ruin his editorial by saying that he doesn't like spoilers. As a side, you can peruse Bryan's in-depth look at gyroscopic technology in controllers, and if it were hypothetically applied to a Dragon Quest game. Finally, for dessert, cleanse your palette with Sound Test's RedBeastMage, who decides that the PvP ranking system in World of Warcraft is a little skewed towards hardcore players.

Enjoy your editorials! Angel will be back next week to pound you full of yet another filling Editorials update.


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