Editorials for April 9, 2000  

  An Overused Cliche Approaches...Command?  

So I sat down to do an editorial update on the fifth. I even got my Godsent, Scar, to HTML'ize stuff for me. But then I look at the clock: April 9th. That's not good mind you, because I started doing this on the fifth. And then more on the sixth. And, well, drat. Anyway, it's up, I will try my utmost hardest to get an update up on Wednesday to make up for it. Of course, it's getting to the end of the semester, so who knows if it will get done or get overbeared by the massive amount of school work I'm paying to do.

Naturally, I'm going to thank Scar again, because he has far more freetime than I (hrm, maybe I should hate him instead then?). Also, I'd like to thank all the people who pointed out slight oversights that I made with the new archives, i.e. not having the really old ones up there still. So I'll put that stuff up too.

Also, I'd like to draw anyone who's reading here's attention to my editorial in the "Begging for Feedback" section. I'm begging for feedback. If you haven't noticed, that section has been dominated by me -- if you want to have something of yours there, submit it and tell me that's where you want it.

So if you haven't noticed, I'm going to use this first column to talk about stuff that doesn't generally concern most of you -- just thank yous and why I suck. The second column is going to be the meat and bones of all this stuff, so if you want pertinent important information, look about 20 pixels to your right. Ta-da!

I'm still getting lots of eds that have grammar mistakes. I make them, you make them, we all make them. I'm not going to fault anyone for having them, but that doesn't mean I'll post them. So to simplify the process, just write at the beginning of your editorial "You have the right to edit this editorial for grammar, not meaning" or something of the sort, and then I can edit them for grammar alone, and I can post them up even quicker, and you'll get updates up quicker, etc.

Also, in the works is an automated HTML-izing form for editorials. That way you can just e-mail me your editorials, or just enter them through a handy form, and updates will get up even quicker, that'd be nice, eh? So hopefully we'll all be enjoying scheduled bi-weekly updates once my life quiets down.

And about spoiler warnings, I'm just going to take them out, and let the crisis make itself. No one wants 2 different spoiler warnings, but there are too many FF spoilers to list. So we'll let those disappear.

So I think that about covers it. Archives will be back to normal, I should modernize the submission guidelines soon, I'll hopefully have an auto-HTML'izing thing up sometime, and please don't forget to proof-read for grammar and spelling, or to give me permission to fix anything you didn't check for. Let's read some eds.

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