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April Fools April 4, 2005

Editor's Comments:Our own Roku gives a heartfelt argument on the change that occurred over the last year in Points of View.

Editor's Comments:Chris returns with a criticism of a past article, remarking on relative sense-making.

Rebutting You Got Some 'Splaining To Do!

Editor's Comments: So, Cloud versus Luca Blight. Who has the might to go all the way? Superaielman takes a second to reflect on one of the many subcultures of RPG fandom.

Editor's Comments:What is in a name, you may ask? Gabriel considers how bosses became bosses.

Editor's Words

Tweleve Editorials. From having to pull double duty to make sure we wouldn't have an empty week to having tweleve in the box. You guys are great. A full seven received last week from outside of the staff. Truly awesome. It's going to take me a bit of time to get them all editted and up, but it's darn good to see so many folks writing. Oh, I had something else to discuss aside from how awesome that is, didn't I? If you haven't guessed, last week was an April Fools prank. Titopaul was no more replacing me than the sky was turning green. I have to give it to you guys, of all the reactions to the April Fools jokes that went up last week, the Eds community had the best sense of humor of the whole lot. Really nice to see with how negative some folks were on the affair. As may be wondered, and was quite often, the whole admin thing wasn't a joke. It was a grain of truth to add to the plausibility of the whole sordid affair. Madhtr, unfortunately, is moving on to less stressful things and I was chosen to look after the boards and transform them into a fiercesome citadel of Evil... or keep it nice and friendly. One of those. I can't really tell. It's hard to read Castomel's chicken scratch.

Eds hour has been kind of quiet lately. I'm blaming last week on the April Fools bit. No one really realized 'hey, it's Eds Hour'. Either that or someone threw a big party and forgot to invite me, thus inviting their own inevitable doom. I know who you are! Anyhow, for those who've not been there before there's to help you out or, our still in testing mode, Java Client which you can log into and type '/join #edscorner' in order to get to the room. It's still in testing mode folks, so I'm sorry if it has any problems for you. 9 PM EST will be when we start it. Showing up to pie Karlinn in the face is mandatory. You can leave afterwards, but if Karlinn isn't pied fifteen times in the face, I'll be forced to replace Eds with a sad panda picture.

Yes, I know that the archives are a bit behind again and the FAQ still hasn't been rewritten. For those curious on why, I offer an answer in one word: Java. To any and all who use Java in anything, you have contributed to this. Yes, I did just go there. =P Language war, ho! And, in other news, John Carmack complains how Java holds back the mobile phone game development industry. Nifty, Nifty.


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