Editorials for April 3, 2000

So You Want to be a Hero?

The cat's out of the bag now. Sorry about the absolute lack of updates for the past week. Not that you guys should be getting used to updates every 3 days! But you get the idea... Anyway, here's the new look. If you're going to flame me in specific for it (even though I would never take credit for it, as I have NO html talent, this alone took me 6 hours to fix, no lie), then please do it in editorial form. Normal flames are all boring.

A few thank yous. Thank you to Scar, who helped me get this editorial update up amidst all the rest of the things seemingly happening at once. I think the bottleneck of stress in my life just broke free, and now I've lost my mind. Ok, I can just blame that on the HTML most likely, and so I'll do that. I know there were more. I'd also like to thank Moridin, because he's a programming guy, and I'm not. And all the people who fixed my HTML. Too many to name.

Now there are all these new pretty colours, these new columns, a new bar to the right, and everything seems hunky dory. Hopefully things will stay as such. I'm going to start italicizing/bolding the titles of editorials with spoilers for you guys. Italics for Final Fantasy Spoilers, bold for others. I will enclose a note at the top of the editorial if the person didn't themself and it wasn't obvious in the title as to what game it spoils. Hopefully that will cover that base, to prevent future trouble.

In addition, I'd like to make a request or three. First of all, there are lots of editorials coming in with nagging grammar mistakes (as people have noticed). Lots of the editorials you see have gone back and forth with the revisions I've suggested, and that the person has found on their own. So to simplify the process, just write at the beginning of your editorial "You have the right to edit this editorial for grammar, not meaning" or something of the sort.

If that gets done, then we can have less back and forth. If you don't trust me, well, that's ok, just don't include something that specifically says I can edit your work for grammar and spelling only, and I won't touch that part of it. In addition, I've been getting a lot of e-mails with extensive use of > for quoting people. The way the game works is I (or Scar this week) has to turn these things into HTML. That means that > < and & are very hard to do.

Of course, none of this means that you guys can't use those, it just means that if you love me, and care about me, and don't have to worry about me being in a foul mood when I read your editorial, then you can just exclude those problem symbols. That aside, I'm tired, and have been doing HTML and Softball all day. Bad combination. Tired body and brains. So go run around the computer room five times before reading all the editorials, and you'll be where I am.

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